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Here's some fun stuff to pull out at that precise moment when your
team REALLY needs a laugh. Take a break-- you'll all be more
productive, in the end.

Send me your fun stuff to add to this page:

A Little Help From His Friends: Funny Sub-Titles to Joe Cocker's
Woodstock performance to help interpret it for the clear-headed (or

Sarah Palin Battle Hymn: Sometimes, when you really love a
politician and want to let her know how you feel, you write a battle
hymn to the tune of 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic.'

Photo of "Step Down", a project gone wrong, submitted by one of our
webinar viewers.

Dr. Phil Soundboard for those times when you just need some
commentary from the good doctor.

Viking Kittens singing Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song." No, I don't
know why...

David Hasselhoff video "Hooked on a Feeling." There are no words to
explain this. He's definitely hooked on

Office Space Soundboard. Make sure you have that cover for your TPS

Mr. T wants you to "Treat Your Mother Right."

Let It Be a staggering number of B-list and washed-up celebrities
lip-synching the iconic anthem in front of a green-screen ocean.

MORE FUN STUFF From Fans & Viewers!
PDU Of The Day

A great website listing webinars and other
opportunities to earn PDUs toward your PMI
certification. Many of the opportunities are free!